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Generate high-converting product pages at scale


Boost sales with visual-AI-generated product page content: attributes, specifications, descriptions, images.

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How it works

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Descrb scans all your product photos

How it works


Accurately identifies the model, performs in-depth online searches to collect all technical information

Generates instantly

Use cases

Use cases


Sell more products, faster, in your store or to meet the marketplaces' requirements.

  • Free up 95%of your copywriters' time
  • Plug & Playno data training, no setup, no maintenance
  • Reliableworks even for your new products

Use cases


Be the simplest platform for adding new products and with the highest conversion rate.

  • Make it easyfor your merchant to add products
  • Improveproduct search and discovery
  • Ensurepage consistency

Use cases

Software (pim)

Supercharge your software by integrating the most advanced AI dedicated to e-commerce.

  • Differentiatefrom unreliable and inconsistent standard generative AI integration
  • Invoiceyour customers as you wish - you only pay for what is used
  • Works at scalefor all your customer’s product types, no setup, no maintenance

how to use our tech

Integrate our technology seamlessly into your existing IT system using our API, for empowered customization and flexibility to adapt it to your unique use case and requirements


is the most advanced AI for e-commerce

Why choose our solution?

Why choose our solution?


language model specifically trained for e-commerce and dataset on retail products

Why choose our solution?


a whole architecture with multiple layers of AIs to feed and supervise the LLM to safeguard results

Why choose our solution?


advanced queuing system with asynchronous processing, fully integrated into any system via our API

Why choose our solution?


no data training, setup, or maintenance works on any product types

They love descrb

Krzysztof OmilianSKstore E-Commerce manager

I use DESCRB every day and it does 99% of the hard work of writing a unique product description and in all languages, saving me time to be creative. We've also improved customer satisfaction and no longer have product pages with empty descriptions.

Marc KravecDigital Marketing Director

We now generate product descriptions with DESCRB for all our products, and have carried out an AB test which has shown a reduction in time to market of 5 days, as well as an improvement in referencing and page ranking.

Kevin RobinsonContent Marketing Manager

DESCRB has enabled us to streamline the process of adding new products, saving us a tremendous amount of time and resources. We can sell more products, at a faster pace, and have increased our overall sales by 5%.

Jessica BoltonE-commerce Manager

Collaborating with the descrb application has brought us nothing but benefits, from significantly reducing the time needed to create descriptions, to increasing sales by presenting products in a more attractive and professional manner.

our numbers

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  • languages supported

  • growth of traffic

  • AI training models

  • product descriptions generated

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